Who is it for?

What does it even mean to be a Profinaut, you ask? Profinaut is here for people with skills, ideas and know-how that can only come from loving the job and loving the years spent on it.

Who is our app designed for?

  • Nifty managers out there
  • Skilled IT specialists out there
  • Marketing and Communications ninjas out there
  • Killer freelancers from all fields out there

What would all these experts do if there were no clients to hire them though? Profinaut connects the best with the best and therefore, if you are looking for professional help in your team, look no more.

So, are you one of the bests?

  • Managers seeking a consultation
  • Project leaders seeking a part-time expert
  • HR manager seeking for a miracle

What is it?

Now that you know it’s a perfect fit for you, let’s get down to details. Profinaut is a mobile application that connects high-skilled professionals with 10+ years of experience. It’s available for a free download for both Android and iOS, in Polish and Czech and can be seen as:

A magical database filled with experts who are available for part-time projects and consultations.

A must have address book for companies to find specialists with time to spare on their projects

How does it work?

It was never easier to have access to all the phone numbers that you so fiercely need. Also, it was never easier to get a job offer that will make your spare time exciting.

If you are here to become a Profinaut, follow these steps:
Download the app
profinaut ios
Fill in your profile right in the app
Choose your skills and let the world know what you are best at
Give recommendations based on your personal experience
Invite your contacts and create a community of professionals who are worth knowing
If you are here to find the missing piece of your professional puzzle, follow these steps:
Download the app
profinaut android
Search the area of your interest
Hit the call button and connect with them straight away
Start your dream collaboration and come back for more

Why is it good?

Profinaut is a custom made tool that disrupts the old ways of finding a job. It’s here for people who are effective, fearless and ready to start working straight away. Becoming a member of Profinaut network costs no time, no money and is here to make everything fast and simple.


Sounds dreamy, we know. Try and see for yourself, we dare you!

Why are we doing it?


There is a ton of questions before every life changing idea is born. The majority of answers are "i don't know" or "it's not going to work". You don't really have a valid argument as to why "it should work".

The thing is, you are not going to change the world or anybody's life just by asking whether it's possible. You really have to try it. We also had a lot of questions that were answered by "i don't know" and "it's not going to work" before we launched Profinaut. We worried just like you are worrying about your project every single day. Will you find the right professionals? Is it even possible with the team you have?

We could have said that people don't like to work part-time. We could have said that HR managers will step all over us, because we will take away their job. We could have said that there is a lack of professionals on the market and we will not join the fight over them.

Instead of that, we said: "We might as well do it." We believe that there is no need to fight over professionals because we are bringing a custom made tool for them. We believe that the HR managers won't step all over us because they will understand how useful Profinaut can be. We believe that we stepped towards a completely new direction. Towards the future, towards a liquid overflow of the workforce, so that every company will have what they need. Profinaut is here for those who are not holding thigh to the past but rather see their role in the bright and exciting future.

Join us!

profinaut ios

profinaut android

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